Dry Eye Clinics

We now carry out Dry Eye Assessments, which consist of various tests utilising dyes to examine the tear film in detail.

These tests enable us to establish the cause of dry eye - for example, it could be a simple lack of tear production, a problem with the oily layer of the tear film causing increased evaporation, or a problem with the mucin layer. There are many different products available to deal with Dry Eye, but correct diagnosis of the cause of the problem is the key to finding the solution. Our new Keratograph 5 (one of only a few installed in the UK) enables us to see the Meibomium Glands in your lids. Many dry eye problems are caused by blockages in these glands that lead to excess evaporation of the tear film.

Although we can carry out the Dry Eye Assessment in either practice, we recommend that you attend Rawtenstall, as the equipment there has a video feed, which allows us to show you what we can see.

NHS funding is available for patients registered with a GP in East Lancashire, or we can see patients privately.